Ferenc Farkas

Author CD's

FERENC FARKAS - Music for wind orchestra


- Early Hungarian dances from the 17th century for wind orchestra 
- The sly students for wind orchestra 
- Timon of Athens 
- Mischievous Tune “Csínom Palkó” for wind orchestra
- Contrafacta Hungarica  for wind octet 
- Intrada, Passacaglia, Saltarello for wind ensemble 
- Kleine Turmmusik for 3 trumpets, 3 trombones with 4 horns and  tuba ad lib.  
- Musica per ottoni for brass sextet

 Budapest Big Band Orchestra conducted by László Marosi

FERENC FARKAS - Music for flute and string orchestra


- Cantiones optimae for soprano and string orchestra
- Rumanian folk dances for flute, cimbalom and string orchestra
- Old Hungarian dances from the 17th century for flute and string orchestra
- Musica giocosa  for string orchestra
- Concertino for harpsichord and string orchestra
- Serenata concertante for flute and string orchestra

András Adorján, flute
Ingrid Kertesi, soprano
Miklós Spányi, harpsichord
Viktória Herencsár, cimbalom
Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra (Leader : János Rolla)

FERENC FARKAS - Chamber music for flute


- 33 Battute per Angelica for flute 
- Die Lieder des Wanderers for voice, flute, viola and violoncello
- Egloga - Burattinata for flute and guitar 
- Meditazione for flute in G and piano 
- Rosarium for voice, flute, violoncello and guitar 
- Serenade for flute and 2 violins
- Six Hungarian folk songs for flute, violin and violoncello 
- Sonatina for flute and piano 
- Three dance paraphrases for flute, viola and horn 
- Tibicinium for voice and flute 
- Tre bagattelle for flute, clarinet and bassoon
- Trigon for flute, bassoon and piano 

András ADORJÁN, flute
Tünde SZABÓKI, soprano
Lajos ROZMAN, clarinet
Andrea HORVÁTH, bassoon
Gergely KOVÁCS, horn
Gyula STULLER, violin
Márta ABRAHÁM, violin
Péter BÁRSONY, viola
Miklós PERÉNYI, cello
András CSÁKI, guitar 
Balázs SZOKOLAY, piano 

FERENC FARKAS - Music for orchestra


- Symphonic overture for orchestra
- Elegia for orchestra 
- Funérailles for orchestra 
- Planctus et consolationes for orchestra 
- Dances from the Matra for orchestra 
- Concertino for piano and orchestra

Gábor Farkas, piano
Budapest Symphony Orchestra MÁV
Gábor Takács-Nagy, conductor


FERENC FARKAS - Music for voice and piano

- Cinque canzoni dei trovatori for voice and piano
- Eszterlánc for voice and piano
- Három dal for voice and piano
- Mély esti csendben for voice and piano
- Le Sylphe for voice and piano
- Gyöngy / Perle for voice and piano
- Fordulat for voice and piano
- Láng for voice and piano
- Sonnet VII de Louise Labé for voice and piano
- Nyárvégi csillagok for voice and piano
- Milyen? for voice and piano
- Pour Isabelle for voice and piano
- Spleen for voice and piano
- Schumann módjára for voice and piano
- Két pad for voice and piano
- Come away for voice and piano
- Virágoskert for voice and piano
- Régi temető for voice and piano
- for voice and piano 
Tünde Szabóki, soprano
Andrea Meláth, mezzo-soprano
István Dominkó, piano

FERENC FARKAS - Chamber music for cello, volume I

- Alla danza ungherese for violoncello and piano
- All'antica for  violoncello and  piano
- Ballade for violoncello and piano
- Sonatina based on Hungarian folk songs for violoncello and piano
- Sonata for violoncello
- Arioso for violoncello and piano
- Quattro pezzi  for violoncello and piano
- Fruit basket for voice, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano 

Miklós Perényi, violoncello
Dénes Várjon, piano
Lucia Megyesi Schwartz, mezzo-soprano
Kristof Baráti, violin
Lajos Rozman, clarinet


FERENC FARKAS - Chamber music for cello, volume II


- Dialoghi for flute and violoncello
- Drei Sätze for flute, violoncello and harpsichord 
- Minuti for voice and violoncello
- Notturno for violin, viola and violoncello
- Prélude et chaconne égarée for viola d'amore, 2 violins and violoncello
- Sonata a due for viola and violoncello
- Three songs for voice and violoncello
- Trio for violin, violoncello and piano

Miklós Perényi, violoncello
Kristof Baráti, violin
Eszter Lestak Bedő, violin
Péter Barsony, viola
Balázs Szokolay, piano
Veronika Oross, flute
Miklós Spanyi, harpsichord
Gabor Bretz, voice


FERENC FARKAS - Choral music


- Missa secunda for mixed choir and orchestra
- Epigramma de suo libro for mixed choir 
- Emmaus for mixed choir
- Hymnus ad sanctum Emericum for mixed choir
- Enek szent Erzsébetről for mixed choir
- Rubáyát for mixed choir
- Ave Maris Stella for mixed choir
- Ein Krippenspiel aus Köröshegy / Christmas cantata - cantata
- Je suis l'archange de Dieu French Christmas song for mixed choir
- Dans cette étable French Christmas song for mixed choir
- Quittez pasteurs French Christmas song for mixed choir   
- It came upon the midnight clear English Christmas song for mixed choir

Ascolta Choir
Ascolta Chamber Ensemble
Peter Broadbent, conductor


FERENC FARKAS - Music for oboe and stings


- Aria e rondo all'ungherese for oboe, violin and string orchestra
- Piccola musica di concerto for string orchestra
- Old Hungarian dances for oboe and string orchestra  
- Music for Zánka for string orchestra
- Musica serena for string orchestra
- Concertino for oboe and string orchestra
- Ricordanze for English horn and string trio
- Maschere for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon

Lajos Lencsés, oboe
János Rolla, violin
Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra


FERENC FARKAS - Music for string orchestra


- Ario e rondo all'ungherese for 2 violins and string orchestra
- Finnish popular dances for string orchestra
- Concertino for trumpet and string orchestra
- Partita all'ungaresca for string orchestra
- Choreae hungaricae for string orchestra
- Musica pentatonica for string orchestra
- Jelky András suite for string orchestra and piano

Gyula Stuller, violin
János Rolla, violin
László Tóth, trumpet
Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, chamber orchestra


FERENC FARKAS - Music for chamber orchestra


- Concertino all'antica for baryton or violoncello or viola and string orchestra
- Trittico concertato for violoncello and string orchestra
- Lavotta suite for orchestra
- Divertimento for orchestra
- March suite for orchestra
- Maschere for chamber orchestra

Miklós Pérényi, cello
MAV Symphony Orchstra
Péter Csaba, conductor


FERENC FARKAS - Choral Works


- Magnificat for female choir and organ
- Missa brevis in honorem Sancti Stephani (Missa quarta) for female choir 
  and organ
- Ad Musicam for mixed choir
- A reggel (Morning) for mixed choir
- Baszk dalok I (basque songs) for female choir
- Hommage à Rilke for mixed choir
- Chansons de fou for mixed choir
- Le musicien de Saint-Merry - cantata for female choir, flute and piano

Musica Nostra Choir
Female Choir of Budapest ELTE University of Sciences
Pro Musica Hungarica Mixed Choir of Budapest ELTE University of Sciences
conducted by Zsuzsànna Mindszenty and Akos Erdös


FERENC FARKAS - A büvös szekrény ( The magic cupboard) - Songs


The magic cupboard /A büvös szekrény (Der Wunderschank / L’armoire magique) - Opera in 2 acts

soprano: Margit Làszlò
tenors: Alfonz Bartha, Jòzsef Réti
bass-baritone: Jòzsef Dene
baritone: György Radnai
bass: Jòzsef Gregor
Hungarian Radio and Television Orchestra and Chorus
conducted by Viktor Vaszy

Songs accompanied by Ferenc Farkas:

- Malàj àbràndok / Malaysian daydreams for voice and piano
- Drei Lieder / Hàrom dal for voice and piano
- Trois chansons de Guillevic / Hàrom Guillevic dal for voice and piano
- Hommage à Alpbach for voice and piano
- Elfelejtett dallamok for voice and piano
- Öt dal erdélyi költök verseire for voice and piano
- Kalender / Naptàr / Calendar for soprano, tenor and 11 instruments

sopranos: Erzsébet Török, Margit Làszlò, Judit Sàndor, Anna Bàthy
tenors: Endre Rösler, Boldizsàr Keönch
piano: Ferenc Farkas

Szécsi String Quartet
Budapest Wind Quintet
conducted by Ferenc Farkas


FERENC FARKAS - Dunavölgyi koszorú (Danube Valley Garland)


- Dunavölgyi koszorù for soprano solo, tenor solo and orchestra
- Dance from Transilvana for orchestra
- Zwei ungarische Tänze / Two hungarian dances for orchestra
- Rhapsodia carpatiana for orchestra
- Dances from Kálló for orchestra
- Capriccio all'ungherese for orchestra
- Finnish popular dances / Finnische Volkstänze / Danses
   populaires finlandaises
for string orchestra
- Kömives Kelemen balladàja for voice and orchestra

soprano: Ilona Tokody, Erzsébet Török
tenor: Sàndor Palcsò
Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
conductors: Andràs Farkas, Ferenc Farkas




- Cantus Pannonicus – cantata
- Saint John's Fountain / Cantata lirica - cantata
- Vivit Dominus - cantata
- Waiting of the Spring - cantata

soprano: Margit Làszló
baritone: György Melis
Budapest Chorus
“Jeunesses musicales” Chorus
Hungarian Radio and Television Chorus and Children’s Chorus
Budapest Symphony Orchestra
Hungarian State Orchestra
conducted by Miklós Forrai, Andràs Farkas, Jànos Ferencsik


FERENC FARKAS - Orchestral works


- The Sly students / Furfangos diàkok for orchestra
- Concertino all'antica for violoncello and string orchestra
- Piccola musica di concerto for string orchestra
- Concertino for oboe and string orchestra / Concertino IV
- Planctus et consolationes for orchestra

violoncello: Miklós Perényi
oboe: Jean-Paul Goy
Budapest Symphony Orchestra, conductors: György Lehel, Andràs Farkas
Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra, Budapest conducted by Frigyes Sàndor
Hungarian State Orchetra conducted by Jànos Ferencsik


FERENC FARKAS - Magyar millenium 2000


- Fruit basket / Gyümölcskosàr for voice, clarinet, viola and piano
- Omaggio a Pessoa - cantata
- Rose Madrigal for mixed choir
- Correspondances for piano
- Aspirationes principis / Ràkóczi cantata

soprano: Mària Zempléni
tenors: Dénes Gulyàs, Sàndor Palcsó
baritone: Sàndor Sólyom-Nagy
pianos: Ferenc Farkas, Jenö Jandó
viola: Làszló Bàrsony
clarinet: Béla Kovàcs
Hungarian Radio and Television Chorus
Budapest Symphony Orchestra
conducted by Andràs Ligeti, Adàm Medveczky


FERENC FARKAS - Guitar Works


- Ricordo di Somogy for guitar trio
- Six pièces brèves for guitar
- Variazioni ungheresi for 2 guitars
- Exercitium tonale for guitar
- Egloga, Burattinata for violin and guitar
- Sonata for guitar
- Csàngò szonatina for 3 guitars
- Tiento for guitar
- Partita all'ungaresca for guitar quartet

guitars: Alfonso Baschiera, Marco Nicolé, Vittorino Nalato, Eros Roselli
violin: Maurizio Valmarana


FERENC FARKAS - Notturno : Choral works for mixed choir


- Rose-madrigal / Madrigal à la rose
- Alkony / Dusk
- Merre szàll
- Az öröm illan
- Sérénade wallone
- Aubade
- Pataki diàkdalok
- Heide Skizzen
- Pensieri notturni
- Sonetto 333 di Petrarca
- Beati mortui
- Laus Beatae Margaritae
- Ave Maria
- Pater noster
- Come away

Ars Nova Ensemble
conducted by Katalin Kiss


FERENC FARKAS - Complete Wind Quintets


- Serenade for wind quintet
- Quattro pezzi for double-bass and wind quintet
- Fruit basket / Gyümölcskosar for soprano and wind quintet
- Early hungarian dances / Antiche danze ungheresi for wind quintet
- Rondo capriccio for violin and wind quintet
- Lavottiana for wind quintet

mezzo soprano: Ulrike Schneider
violin: Daniel Dodds
double-bass: Dieter Lange
Phoebus Quintet


>Press : The complete wind quintets of Ferenc Farkas

FERENC FARKAS - Works with harp


- Concertino for harp and string orchestra
- Old Hungarian melodies for harp
- Sonatina for harp
- Shepherd dance for harp
- Songs from ”The twelfth night” by Shakespeare for voice and harp
- As you like it – Suite in old style for violin, viola and harp
- Quatre préludes for harp
- Allegro impetuoso for harp
- Early Hungarian dances from the 17th century for violin, viola and

Melinda Felletár, harp
Krisztina Kónya, soprano
Péter Somogyi, violin
Balázs Tóth, viola
Hungarian Symphony Orchestra conducted by Béla Drahos